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A higher Power

May 30, 2009

A Higher Power:
What follows are a few thoughts on a mystical experience, the nature of God, and the path to be taken. A higher power, an infinite force in the universe exists, one that permeates every particle of matter and every living thing. We often ask that if God truly exists then why does evil and injustice triumph all too often over the righteous and true. Why do bad things happen to good people? My answer is that if God were to reach into the physical world and exert force on the side of good then where would it end? If a sparrow falls would God raise it over and over again? If you make a mistake and take an evil turn it is of your own free will. God cannot stop you from making this mistake without robbing you of your free will. It is a bargain between suffering, failure and death on one hand and the oppression of a predetermined universe where there is no free will on the other. The truth is that you are all free to succeed or to fail, to choose good or evil. Thus we find ourselves in a world of strife where people are basically good but where it seems all too often that evil prevails. Perhaps once in an age the destiny of the earth lies in the balance and Humanity in its folly prepares to fail in a catastrophic manner. God might then exert a powerful will and place a finger on the scales of destiny to tip the balance of power between good and evil, to save the earth from dying, or from a fate worse than death itself.
I believe we have come to such a moment in time where evil works with such force upon the affairs of men that nothing short of a divine intervention, a finger on the scales of destiny will save the soul of the earth. It is perhaps evident that God possesses a sense of irony in the choice of one who does not readily or blindly believe in an all powerful God to carry out this divine purpose. The vessel, the person to bring this message believed only in the five senses and the scientific method… but a mystical experience and standing in the divine presence has conferred a gift. Precognition is both my gift and my burden for I feel that my life is no longer my own to do with as I choose. I do not blame those who doubt this story in the cold light of day. Before my experience I would not have believed it myself. To fulfill this mission and exercise this gift for the benefit of all can be the only true course. I do not claim infallibility or superior intelligence, or wisdom any more so than any other man. I am only one more human being living on this earth for a brief moment. Whether I succeed or fail I must try to use this gift to save lives and convince people to grasp their destiny in their own hands. It is my hope to stand up against eternal strife, war, hunger, disease, poverty and ignorance. I wish to make war upon these sources of misery instead of each other. Utopia is unattainable but education, work, medicine, food, and peace are things worth fighting for. A mass movement that seeks to find common ground across nations and religions, one that seeks to realign humanity with justice and the will of a loving God is the path I hope to walk.
Marshall Gregory Thomas