Speech Two

Speech Two:
I don’t claim to be any smarter or more important than anyone else. If I’m different it’s because of the path that this life has led me down. I started searching for something that I couldn’t really name when I was 25. I bought a camera and went for long walks in the woods and began to identify with the natural world, nature worship you might say. When I was 29 I quit my job with NASA and started teaching ESL. I was gonna save the world, one child at a time. I was very idealistic. I moved into a Hispanic neighborhood and taught myself Spanish, with the help of my neighbors. When I turned 33 I got sick, traveling in Central America on spring break. I had surgery to remove a thyroid tumor and developed an autoimmune disease. I went to my HMO and other doctors but they couldn’t help me. The school district fired me, I lost my savings, my insurance. I was sick and unable to work. The worst of the illness came and went like a roller coaster and was getting worse all the time. After 18 months I felt like I was gonna die, but I didn’t want to die in the big city, so I moved out into the country and lived on ten acres that belonged to a friend. It was a shack in the woods with no running water, but I had escaped the big city. A friend of mine later said that I had gone off alone like a dog to die, which kind of summed it up nicely. I felt like I had a lot to give and wanted to join the team for the big win, wanted to be a part of society, but they had written me off. For lack of a better term I guess they had just flushed me. My health was broken, my body had betrayed me, so I lived the life of the mind, writing books, or rather trying to. This state of affairs continued for several years until the relapses broke me. The muscles of my neck and back contracted so badly I couldn’t sleep for nearly 6 months. I would pass out for 2 or 3 hours but never really rested or dreamed. I don’t really know how to describe the years of torment. Robbed of my physical body, and then gradually my mind, my very sanity. For months I sat in a chair in the dark silence. Light and sound caused me physical pain. My eyes were rolled up into my head. My sense of time broke down and four hours seemed like 15 minutes. When I held a glass in my hand the glass would either slip out of my hand, or accidently break in my hand. I thought I was gonna wind up in a nursing home. These last few years have been hard on a lot of people. They’ve lost their jobs, lost their homes, their families and their lives. I know exactly how they feel. I’ve been through much the same thing for the last 16 years. I’ve gotten a PhD in suffering. Out of desperation I went back to the doctor and got lucky and found someone who could help me. After a few years I had recovered enough to walk a hundred yards without resting. I decided to go back to school. I was gonna save a million lives, change the world to make it worth the price I had paid to stay in this world. I worked in the biology department and studied microbiology, and joined the Hanta Virus team. After 9/11 I decided to make a medicine that would stop a biological weapon. The Soviet Plague bioweapon was resistant to antibiotics. I came up with a solution and found business partners and formed a company, applied for an NIH grant under project Bioshield. It was around that time that I learned that innocent people were being used as human guinea pigs to perfect the latest and greatest anti-personnel weapons coming out of the DOD weapons labs. For years I’ve interviewed these people in person, like an epidemiologist, finding out their symptoms and what they have in common. If I seem unemotional I’m sorry, it is because I have had to harden my heart to terrible human suffering that at times seemed without end. My own government is waging an undeclared war on my own people. I believe in people, I believe in their basic goodness. Yet evil exists and works it’s will in this world. I believe in my country and in it’s ability to be a force for good in the world. Lincoln called the US the last best hope of the human race. If the human race ever needed hope, it needs it now, for now is perhaps the hour of it’s greatest trial. I guess I’ve been chosen, not because of superiority, but because of the path I’ve gone down. I’ve been a curious mixture of a young pleasure seeker, atheist, an idealist, naturalist, scientist, a fool, and a failure. I’ve been blessed with gifts, but I’ve paid for them. Sitting Bull was a shaman of the Sioux people. He prayed, fasted, and made sacrifices of his own flesh and blood. He was given visions of the outcomes of battles, and visions of his own fate. He paid for them. Nothing in this life is free. The demands of this moment are many and many shall be called. The prize is potentially a new age of peace and freedom. The price of failure may be a fate worse than death itself. I don’t have all the answers, I don’t call all the shots. I don’t blame you if you are skeptical, I would be too. But if you ignore facts, then I do find fault. I only ask that you use your common sense. The average man on the street is perfectly capable of deciding what is in his or her own best interest. I am saying that the new weapons similar to those in public are being used on innocent people. If the Russians used them on the US in 1956, and got away with it for years, then what chance do these people have. I am claiming that criminal behavior committed all the way through the Cold War by the DOD on half a million people is still going on. US citizens are being used as human guinea pigs in terminal experiments, experiments that end in death. This is not new, it is a continuation of past behavior. The figure of half a million people is the governments own figure. The majority of the targets are political activists and whistleblowers. Historically these kinds of people have been under assault for many years. This is a historical fact. There are a few personalities in military intelligence who are borderline personalities, people who need to be investigated. They are not crazy, but they are different. One has a PhD in the science of death. He is quite literally Dr. Death. He has been in charge of developing the new weapons for the Army since 1980. These men have written about how to use the new weapons, advocated using them on civilians, expressed admiration for previous illegal DOD programs that were war crimes, and expressed interest in using weapons of torture to modify human behavior. The alleged criminals helped move the classified weapons into the hands of law enforcement and vigilantes, and they’ve participated in a smoke screen cover up. These facts are all out in the open, and there is much more, but this by itself should drive us to the logical conclusion. Mark Twain said that history does not repeat itself, it rhymes. I am describing the same old song with a different tune. There is nothing new under the sun. People will say there is no absolute proof. The air tight proof is classified, hidden in Fort Mead, and no one is going to break in and steal it. People will say that the victims are all crazy. This is what they said about the other half million US citizens used as guinea pigs and target practice. I am saying use the common sense that God gave you and stop listening to people who tell you not to believe your own eyes. Critics are using a shoot the messenger strategy to smear me as a terrible human being. Well of course they are, because they certainly can’t use logic and reason to the refute the facts. What better way to ignore the facts than to change the subject and make this about me. Let me make this very clear, this is not about me. Human beings reduce things to one personality because it helps us put larger ideas in perspective. The power is impressive and even seductive, but I am just an old transistor radio, I am not the music. You are in love with the music. Good, you should be, but I’m not the music, I am just another human being on this earth. I am laying my head on the chopping block and I fully expect to be destroyed. I cannot be bought off, scared off, or controlled. This power is not under their control and so they must destroy a thing to control it. First I will be discredited as a public person, then destroyed financially, spiritually, and finally physically destroyed. There is no avoiding it. I am just another person on this earth and soon I will be gone. Evil exists in this world, it is not imaginary. Americans want to live in the world of Norman Rockwell because that is a safe place, but the world is in play and the fate of nations will be decided by the people, ordinary, everyday people. This is our generations moment of truth. Will we, the people of the world, confront the evil in our midst, will we overcome this fortress of evil that wages war on the innocent and seeks to determine our destiny. Charismatic leaders by themselves will not get you to the mountain top. Your fate can only be decided by you and people just like you who decide to act in unison. I remember all the people killed by car bombs and suicide bombers, and how the victims bodies are always taken away, but the shoes remain. The assassins have stolen their lives and their humanity. They are rendered silent, except for the piles and piles of hundreds of shoes. This program of torture and murder is largely unseen because the cause of death is often heart attack, cancer, or natural disease. I intend to pressure my Congressional representative to stop this madness by telling them that I will speak for those who have been silenced. I will take a few minutes and a few dollars to mail them a single shoe in silent protest. Speaking for those who are gone and cannot be replaced, in their place I will demand that the alleged criminals be detained, that their elite military intelligence brigade be disarmed, and that reforms take place to guarantee that this nightmare will never again threaten our freedom and the lives of the innocent. It is a small gesture, but out of such small gestures may come a great wave of change. When the hour is struck, and it is time for a people to be free, and all people are united as one, then there is no force on earth that can stop our march to freedom.

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