Speech Three

The Next Big Thing: Paradigm Shift
I stand before you all, the people of this great nation, the people of this beautiful world. I stand before you as an imperfect person who still strives to be at one with all living things and the creator of it all. I have made many mistakes, and regret my failure at not ending this war sooner. Many irreplaceable precious human beings have been taken from us, murdered. I take full responsibility for those deaths that resulted from inaction and delay. The only way to honor them is to make reforms that ensure this tragedy will never happen again, changes that lead to a brighter and more peaceful future. The struggle ahead is clear cut and urgent. The people of the world must join hands together and act as one people. The rumble of millions of voices echo as a single cry. We demand our freedom. A great wind prepares to blow, a storm not seen in the lives of mankind for a thousand years. Give us our birthright; freedom. The perfect storm coming together as all humanity lifts it’s weary brow to heaven, The towering wave prepares to sweep away the tyranny of evil men. A storm of protest not to be seen again in an eon of time, as all eyes, all hands, all hearts become one heart singing. We demand our freedom! After the great wave has swept away all resistance; when the criminals have been caught, when the armies have been disarmed, then comes the time to look back ever so briefly, then all eyes must look ahead. The future is the ultimate prize, the future of a world transformed. Anything less than a new nation and a new world that lives in peace is unthinkable. Domestic political reform will lay the cornerstone. Banish the money changers from the temple. End legalized bribery and use the public treasury to fund the public selection of representatives. Money enters the political system as legal contributions, which buys influence that results in special interests garnering more money, which again is used to buy more influence. It is a feedback loop that results in wealth concentrating in fewer and fewer hands which continues shrinking the middle class. Corporations buy politicians but often politicians demand contributions from corporations that must give money to safeguard their interests, or risk retaliation. Buy back the government for the people using public funds to hold elections. People who supervise a trillion dollar budget should not be paid salaries normally given to middle management. Pay the 535 representatives a salary that reflects their responsibilites as CEO’s of the nation. Allow a block of time for free access to the public airwaves during a shorter election season to level the playing field. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and it should shine into every corner of the people’s business. No secrets, no hidden documents, no secret votes, secret funds. Let the sunshine do it’s work. When I was very young I watched the idealistic young adults take to the streets trying to stop wars and trying to transform the very world they lived in. They were just eighteen or twenty years old, a children’s crusade, but they had the courage of their convictions, and the invincibility of youth. I dreamed a dream that the world they wanted to create would gradually take shape. By changing a little bit every day, their toil would slowly fix the hypocrisy and violence and disease and dysfunction. I dreamed that their great experiment would transform our society and our world into the kind of place where people were truly free from fear and want. I thought that society was slowly moving towards perfection and in time all men and women would have the veil lifted from their eyes and see that they were all brothers and sisters, one family, the family of man. But society is a human construct, and all the works of man are imperfect, and the dreams of youth fade in the cold reality of a harsh existence. Some of those dreams have been realized, and some remain unfulfilled. Visit the graves of our prophets and read the inscription there in cold hard stone. “Come, let us slay the dreamer, and see what becomes of his dream”. We are still a people in search of our future, people in search of community, trying to solve the problems of the present, while attempting to fulfill the promise of America, attempting to create a more perfect union and a society in which all of us are given an equal chance to succeed. Our world is one of innovation and constant social and technological change. Traditions give us comfort, and we long for the comfort of memory, but we willingly suffer the pain and discomfort of change to bring about a better future. Our nation has a positive vision of the future and this belief in a better tomorrow guides our hands and hearts. We have made mistakes along the way but these were largely mistakes of the heart. At times our idealism was used against us to wage wars of conquest, but the people reject the idea of an empire. Americans have always viewed themselves as the defenders of freedom and defenders of the weak against the strong. The future we seek to realize is a singular vision that the people in this imperfect world can believe in. Private interests and foreign entanglements have been our worst mistakes and greatest danger. We must not ignore the common sense embodied in the common people. To do so is to violate our political heritage and court our greatest danger. Today many mistrust and fear their government and feel that their voices are no longer heard. Who among us speaks to the common good and the greatest good for the greatest number. Many voices seek to divide us into separate camps, all the better to subjugate the whole by turning one half against the other. Will we let them divide us? Will we be so blinded by words that we cannot see that each person loves their country, loves this world, and wants it to succeed, flower and grow. We cannot retreat to the past to live in a safe nostalgia, we cannot go back to the 19th Century. We must face the future together and tame the strife and chaos of a world on the brink. This we can do if we shut out the voices who turn neighbor against neighbor and instead restore community and a shared sense of national endeavor. We must have a conversation about charting a new direction for the nation and the world. When the US dreams big the world is much the better for it, but when the last super power grows mean and turns inward, the world can be a terrible place. Two hundred years ago when our nation was only a few decades old, we were not a great military power, but we dreamed big. Missionaries set out to transform the world using the spiritual power of Christianity, not weapons, to remake the world. These emissaries went to China and many other nations, and set to work, for by transforming the spiritual nature of a chaotic China they hoped to transform and heal the earth. This idealism lives on inside each of us as a part of our birthright. The belief that when our nation was born, and as long as it exists, that freedom has it’s very own country, and the hope of freedom for the entire human race will not be extinguished, but continue burning brightly. So I stand before the people of this world to propose a new birth of idealism and a new birth of freedom. The developed countries should redirect their energies away from wars without end, and begin an initiative to end disease and hunger at home and abroad, and to decode and preserve our natural world for future generations. There will always be conflict and strife, but through collective security agreements and robust international courts to enforce the Rights of Man, and mediate disputes, we the people of this good ship earth will turn our energies away from wars without end. I propose that the world begin to phase in a scientific and humanitarian initiative designed to end hunger and disease, and to decode and preserve our natural world. Defense and intelligence spending are the driving political and economic force in the world today. Most scientific research at the university level is funded by the DOD. The US spends a trillion dollars a year on defense and security, more than the rest of the world combined. The money spent on defense during the Cold War equals the value of everything in the US except the value of the land itself. This formula of war time spending was adopted after WWII to keep the economy functioning at an artificially high level to forestall unemployment and recession. The historic means of securing our people from foreign threats was defense spending on weapons of greater and greater destructive power. In the nuclear age the creation of weapons technology and weapons of greater complexity and greater destructive power did not make us more safe. The nuclear arms race was a race that lead nowhere. On more than one occasion the US and USSR came close to destroying each other. The world is changing to a multi-polar world, meaning a world of nations that are more equal in economic, political, and military power. This new reality is similar to the world one hundred years ago in Europe. The old established empires were coming to an end, and many nations were at parity with each other. These multipolar nations competed for supremacy and made alliances to protect each other. A single spark set off a cascade of events leading to all the nations of Europe going to war against each other. The war was more terrible than they could have imagined due to new weapons technologies that literally killed millions of men in a single battle. Today the world is moving towards a similar period where no one country dominates and many nations are maneuvering for advantage and forming alliances. This leads to the possibility and perhaps the inevitability of a similar scenario that leads to war between different allied nations. This war would be different because it would involve nuclear weapons and there would be no clear winners, only those that are dead and those that are still alive. The quest for more weapons and weapons technologies of greater and greater destructive power will not end in better security. Unless this method of peace and security is changed and emphasis is placed on other priorities, it is clear that the coming century will be a time of a never ending arms race and eventual war. It is time to think about another way to ensure peace and security. Soon the US will no longer be able to be the world’s policeman and this is probably no longer desirable for the US taxpayer or the wider world. Peace and security do not reside in building the next big secret weapon. Collective security agreements can establish an international force to guarantee the peace and defend all international borders. By shifting to a collective security regime instead of every nation for itself, it will be possible to change the emphasis in society, and return to the spiritual, humanitarian, and scientific basis for changing the world. The world needs change, but not change from the barrel of a gun. In the words of general Macarthur who ran the occupation of Japan after WWII. “Send me bread or send me bullets”. Collective security will allow the national resources used by nations to secure their borders to be used in an international initiative of scientific and humanitarian goals for gradually engineering a more peaceful world. We are not proposing unilateral disarmament nor are we advocating isolationism. The central idea is to engage the entire world in humanitarian goals of ending and controlling hunger and disease in the lesser developed world. In addition, scientific research to maximize renewable resources and preservation of the natural world. These programs will identify a small country and offer the people a plebiscite to accept or reject a caretaker arrangement that promises to increase standard of living, life expectancy, educational attainment, and the preservation and management of renewable resources. A commissioner born in that country will be chosen to run the program with the help of a resource committee made up of people who possess the necessary skills and experience. The program will be coordinated by The US and other developed nations, including government agencies and NGO’s. The basic concept is similar to the practice of buying failing companies, replacing the management, and turning the dysfunctional culture and practices around, resulting in a profitable and efficient organization. Ideally the initiative should begin with the smaller nations with optimal circumstances, such as secure borders, no internal strife, and sufficient baseline resources to fund development programs. This rather slow and ponderous method will emphasize real quantifiable goals and use the success stories to motivate other nations to participate. There are about 200 nations on earth and it may seem that this process would take too long, but after the initiative has proved itself, then a tipping point will be reached that confers universal acceptance and participation. The central idea is to gradually engineer a more peaceful world by alleviating hunger and disease and spreading representational democratic states. This idea may seem rather Utopian in nature but it is based in fact. Nations with populations of 100 million or more are not practical clients due to economies of scale. Nations at war are not eligible. The plebiscite will offer numerical goals in educational attainment and the number of schools, the number of hospitals and clinics, life expectancy targets, infrastructure projects, roads and bridges. In short the international community will be offering clear numerical goals in exchange for limited control for a defined period of time. The relief from starvation, poverty, and ignorance will not by itself magically transform the world into a Utopia, but it will reduce the background noise of chaos and drain the swamp that breeds animosity, hatred, and revenge. The US orchestrated the Green Revolution in the 1960’s and our agricultural science allowed larger populations to feed themselves. The new initiative will give people a choice of what kind of country they want to engineer with real numerical goals and results within a finite period of time. This means of pacification is many times less expensive than attempting to do nation building in war zones after the situation has collapsed to a critical state. The US by itself cannot succeed, nor can the international community without the US. The world needs our leadership and the US is a nation that needs a new mission besides being the world’s policeman or the arms supplier to the world. Weapons of mass destruction are now more easy to acquire and use. The only effective manner of securing the peace is to make a world in which people do not feel driven to carry out terrorist acts of mass murder using WMD. Let us note the quote by that famous pacifist General Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.”

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