Four Goals

ONE: End the secret dirty war using the five reforms.
TWO: Domestic political reform to strengthen Democracy.
THREE: End the arms race through collective security agreements.
FOUR: New Marshall Plan; scientific/humanitarian initiative to replace Militarism.
ONE: The Five Reforms:
1.Disarm all electromagnetic weapons systems. 2. Open all records and secret archives to the public and a Congressional Committee. 3. Establish a truth and reconciliation commission holding hearings in multiple locations. 4. Convene an international conference to ban all electromagnetic weapons with public & private verification systems because we cannot accept government’s word alone that the secret dirty war is over. 5. An international bill of rights that is enforceable such that the state cannot crush internal enemies with impunity.
Two: Domestic political reforms:
1.Public financing of all state and federal elections. 2.Free time for publically financed candidates on the public airways daily for 100 days before elections. 3.Salary commensurate with responsibility, on a par with a modern CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation. 4.Strict and clear laws against extortion/bribery of public officials and conflicts of interest, with swift and certain punishment & long prison terms. 5.Elections consisting of a single open primary and a runoff between the top two candidates, regardless of party affiliation.
Three: End the Arms Race:
1.Establish an international military “police force” to protect the territorial integrity of all member states from any intrusion or military attack. 2.An international court with the limited mandate of ordering the use of force to preserve the territorial integrity of member states, and the rights of individuals in relation to their governments. 3.An international bill of rights that protects the God given rights of all individuals to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 4.Protection of the rights of minority populations and indigenous peoples from elimination actions such as ethnic cleansing, genocide, and state sponsored violence. 5.Nuclear disarmament (3 steps) ONE: All weapons are declared/counted & reduced by a factor of ten. Stockpiles of many thousands reduce to 2,000 total, those with hundreds down to 100, & all others to three (3). TWO: Reductions to one, ten, & 200 respectively. THREE: All stocks are destroyed and the two nations with 200 each disassemble & release them to the custody of the international community (court) for emergencies, if a nation or nations attempts a nuclear “breakout”.
FOUR: A new Marshall Plan:
1.A humanitarian initiative to end disease & hunger for all of Humanity using a crash program of biotechnology & medical science. 2.A scientific initiative to decode & preserve the natural world, one that manages & maximizes renewable resources for present & future generations. 3.A plebiscite in developing nations to invite, by popular choice, international aid programs with numerical goals for life expectancy, public health infrastructure, agricultural self-sufficiency, population targets, & time limited caretaker status (ward of the international community). 4.Regional agreements on the use & division of common resources such as fishery rights & binding limits determined by the scientific management of biologist & enforced by the international court. 5.Formation of government/private consortiums for technological projects (crash programs) in communications (worldwide wireless broadband network), medical science (bioelectric medicine & stem cell research), & next generation energy technology project(s) to replace fossil carbon fuels.
The current secret dirty war is the result of the actions of a few individuals in military intelligence, but also the result of a culture that has evolved since the end of WWII. The driving political and economic force in the US/world is military spending and the concept of fortress America. The arms race is now so powerful and destabilizing as to lead to destruction of our Republic and even the end of civilization. The drive for reform of our institutions must begin with a new big idea to displace militarism. Collective security can protect international borders and open a space for emphasis to be placed upon a crash program in energy, communications, medicine, & to use these tools in a universal scientific & humanitarian initiative to engineer a more peaceful & secure world.

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