Red Balloon

The following operations are contingency operations to locate perpetrators, witnesses, and EM weapons in an emergency.  It will be used when all other efforts such  as negotiation, isolation and containment fail.

Red Balloon Exercise: Find the Perpetrator… and Green Balloon Exercise: Find the EM Weapons;

Two separate search exercises will run together; Red Balloon Perpetrator and Green Balloon EM Weapons.

The concept is to use social networking sites online such as facebook and twitter to find a small group of criminals (Red Balloon) and secondly a large cache of electromagnetic weapons (Green Balloon).  The initial five targets of the Red Balloon will be identified by name and a reward of one million dollars (each) will be specified for their location that results in arrest.  The person that finds the perpetrator location will receive half the reward.  The chain of contacts that formed  to find the perpetrator and refers the person who eventually finds the perpetrator will divide the remaining half of the reward.  The person who is farthest from the one who finds the perp will get one share and the next closest person will get two shares, the next four shares, etc.  Example:  A perp is found by a chain of six people.  Shares will be distributed as one, two, four, eight, sixteen, and the final person gets half a million dollars.  The remaining five people get half a million dollars divided into 31 shares.

The Green Balloon exercise is searching for EM (electromagnetic) weapons used in criminal activity.  The object is the same, to locate the illegal weapons and result in their surrender or capture.  Each EM weapon must operate on the same basic principle as the ADS (active denial system), that is an electronic beam or signal in the microwave or RFR (radio frequency radiation) spectrum that is used in the current illegal progrm to attack human beings.  The ADS is not a part of this search.   The weapons may be any scale or size such as hand held or large scale antennae type weapons.  The reward for each device is $10,000 and the rewards will end after one thousand such devices have been found and confiscated or surrendered.  Rewards will be divided in the same manner as the Red Balloon exercise.

Persons or groups may register at the FBI or DOJ website by sending an email (titled RED BALLOON REGISTER or GREEN BALLOON REGISTER) and groups may register as a “person” and divide a share among themselves.  The rewards will be given by the DOJ and they will judge who is legally entitled to be part of a reward chain.  The perpetrators who are the targets of the Red Balloon Exercise are General Kieth B. Alexander (NSA), General David Lacquement (INSCOM).  If your chain of contacts reports their known location to the DOJ or FBI first then you are eligible for a share of the reward.  There is no limit on the length of a contact chain.  False clues will probably be generated to cover up the perpetrators tracks and as such after one referal for a location repeat reports by the same party are forbidden.  Locations may be given as GPS coordinates or a physical location.  Groups or persons from any nation may participate.  Report emails must contain the title Red Balloon and the location, or Green Balloon and location.  Example email heading:  Red Balloon (GPS coordinates) Alexander:  or another example email heading;  Green Balloon (address city state) (NAME).  Only the first search chain to find the target will get a reward.  Persons who are targets of Red or Green Balloon who turn themselves in may be eligible to recieve a reward at the discretion of the DOJ (see punishment guidelines).  The exercises will commense after the criminal activity has been denounced publically and isolation and containment have failed or hostilities have commensed.  Good luck and good hunting!

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