One Hour Talk (15pgs)

There is a long history of US government experimentation on its citizens and making hit lists of political activists dating back to the end of WWII.  It is difficult for most people to believe that their own government would use human beings as one uses laboratory animals in terminal experiments, experiments that end in the death of the human subject.  Previous weapons development programs in the field of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons did just that.  We pride ourselves on the right to dissent but political activists and progressive movements like the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the women’s  movement, and even the environmental movement have been targets of a government sponsored counterinsurgency war beginning in the 1950’s called Cointelpro.  Tactics included infiltration of organizations to break them up from the inside as well as murder and forced suicide on targeted political activists.  These illegal programs were driven underground by Congressional hearings in the 1970’s, but they did not end.  It is difficult to imagine our intelligence agencies making war on our own people.  Harder still is the idea that such a thing could be kept secret from the American people for very long.  Illegal government weapons development programs abused half a million people (GAO) and were successfully kept secret for decades and no one in power went to prison.  Incredibly today the two terrible aspects of the old illegal programs have been enfolded together into a single program that incorporates using political activists and others viewed as potential enemies as human guinea pigs in a nonlethal weapons development program.  Military doctrine papers state that anti-personnel microwave weapons are a revolutionary breakthrough in military technology equal to that of the invention of nuclear weapons, a revolution in military affairs that turns the entire balance of world power upside down.  Project MKULTRA was an illegal government program of human experimentation that took place at 80 institutions, including 44 universities, 15 private companies, 12 hospitals and 3 prisons.  It is probable that the current illegal program using nonlethal microwave weapons is equally as ambitious.  In view of this degree of complexity it is necessary to focus upon four central facts.  There is more evidence available in supporting documents, books, films, the testimony of military experts, nonlethal weapons scientists, and the targets of nonlethal weapons experimentation.  These official government documents and books can be found in the author’s online blogs and bibliography.  The following are the four main facts of this case reduced to the bare minimum.
One…Classified microwave weapons exist.  Microwave weapons like the Active Denial System and milliwave radars are public electromagnetic devices and weapons.  The Russians used microwave weapons to attack the American embassy in Moscow in the 50’s.  The attacks were kept secret.
Two…There are hundreds of people saying for years that they are targets of classified microwave weapons assaults and organized stalking.  Over 200 targets were interviewed in person, most are political activists and whistleblowers that fit a common profile.
Three…There is a prior pattern of criminal behavior that contains all the elements of the current illegal program, a long criminal history of government hit lists against political activists and half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs in NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) weapons development programs.  These illegal government programs escaped detection for decades and no major perpetrators went to jail.
Four…Persons of interest in Army intelligence who should be investigated.  Military intelligence officers under INSCOM are persons of interest have worked since 1980 to develop nonlethal microwave weapons for the Army.  They’ve written extensively about how to use the weapons, publicly advocated using nonlethal microwave weapons on civilians to modify human behavior, and helped move the classified military technology from DOD to DOJ and into the hands of local police.  The same persons promote borderline superstitious beliefs and doomsday cults as part of a cover up of criminal activity.  Let’s examine the four facts in more detail.
FACT ONE:  EM (electromagnetic) WEAPONS:  Public microwave weapons are literally for sale on the internet such as the active denial system and milliwave radars.  They’re called nonlethal weapons in order not to provoke a public backlash.  The Active Denial System (ADS) shoots a microwave beam of 95-Ghz millimeter waves and heats the skin to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  The sensation is like touching a red hot frying pan but the flesh does not immediately burn.  This nonlethal weapon functions as a pain amplification device.  It does not kill and thus avoids a public backlash.  Millimeter wave radars are able to see through building materials and are used for house to house fighting by the military.  Any normal building material is transparent to these devices but the water in the human body lights up with great definition, enough to identify a person in a crowded room from outside a building.  Now the entire world has been turned into a fish bowl.  These radars have biological effects and if subjected to them on a regular basis, health complications can occur.  Public weapons technology is restricted to those systems that will cause less resistance among the general public.  If this kind of weapon is for sale then what kind of classified anti-personnel weapon is available for covert use?  Army intelligence (INSCOM) is using the same basic technology showcased in these public weapons systems to target potential enemies on a hit list.  The existence of these weapons supports the charge that similar microwave weapons are being used to attack political activists and whistleblowers in a weapons development program.
The Russian microwave weapons program is a model for the current illegal US program.  In the 1950’s the USSR used microwave weapons to attack the US embassy in Moscow.  The covert attacks set in motion the US program to develop microwave weapons in US weapons labs.  According to a 1972 US Army report titled Controlled Offensive Behavior USSR, Russian dissidents were the target of mind altering techniques that sought, “the total submission of one’s will to some outside force.”  The dozens of techniques the USSR used to break down and pacify political dissidents included microwave weapons.  This strategy is identical to the current methodology described by targeted individuals and the scientific literature.  Microwave weapons are first and foremost anti-personnel weapons to be used in covert operations in a confusion and misdirection strategy to physically and psychologically torment and subdue the target.  The military doctrine papers and scientific literature (such as NASA and Council on Foreign Relations papers) say it is virtually impossible to tell who is attacking you or exactly how they are accomplishing the attacks.  The Russian attacks on our embassy and on their political dissidents demonstrate the type of state sponsored terrorism that is possible using microwave weapons.  The story of the continuous attacks on our embassy was kept secret from the American people for two decades.  If one super power can attack another super power and get away with it then what chance does an individual or group of individuals have when attacked by the state using these weapons that leave no chemical or biological traces and confer plausible deniability.  The Washington Post reported (1987) that the Soviets had used radio frequency electromagnetic weapons to kill goats at 1 kilometer’s range.  Another Russian microwave weapons technology is called acoustic psycho-correction that involves the transmission of specific inaudible commands into the human subconscious.  Dr. Igor Smirnov, a Russian expert on non-lethal weapons at the Moscow Medical Academy who developed acoustic psycho-correction, was brought to the US for secret meetings with the CIA, DIA, FBI, and ARPA in 1993.  Dr. Smirnov and his non-lethal weapons technology was brought to Waco, Texas during the Branch Davidian siege in 1993 in hopes of using the weapon on David Koresh.  Elite scientists have been financed by the DOD throughout the Cold War to develop microwave weapons technology.  Their careers and scientific papers present sufficient evidence of the existence of classified microwave weapons.  According to nonlethal weapons expert Dr Andre Puharich it is possible to give cancer to a target using certain microwave frequencies.  Dr Allan Frey synchronized pulsed microwaves with the myocardial rhythm of a frog’s heart and the heart stopped beating.  He had perfected the induction of heart seizures by beamed electromagnetics.  Frey microwaved cats and found that stimulation of the hypothalamus had a powerful effect on emotions.   Dr. Ross Adey rigged the brains of lab animals to transmit to a radio receiver, which shot signals back to a device that sparked any behavior desired by the researcher.  The work of these DOD funded scientists had obvious implications for covert operations.  Some scientists were funded by the DOD but did not know where the money came from while others may be active participants in the illegal program.  Some of these scientists have dangerous political beliefs when it comes to human freedom and Democracy.  Dr Jose Delgado stated, “This science is going to prove the fallacy of democracy in the sense that we talk about the rights of the individual; this democratic belief is not true”.
There are hundreds of patents for devices that interact with the human central nervous system using electromagnetic energy without electrodes.  This includes commercial devices that allow paraplegics to control wheel chairs with their minds and video gamers to move a computer cursor with their minds and play video games without using a joy stick.  Like most technological breakthroughs this technology was first turned into a weapon.  The DOD has systematically gone back and reclassified many scientific papers and patents but enough remains unclassified to prove these types of weapons exist.  An early example is the 1976 Malech patent titled, “Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves” (#3951134).  The abstract states: “All components of the apparatus are remote from the test subject.”  “High frequency transmitters radiate electromagnetic energy through antennas which scan the entire brain of the test subject”.  “The signals penetrate the skull of the subject and impinge upon the brain to form an interference wave modulated by radiation from the brain’s natural electrical activity”.  “The modulated interference wave is transmitted by the brain and received by an antenna at a remote station where it is demodulated, and processed to provide a profile of the subject’s brain waves.”  The brain of the target may be hit with a signal that entrains the target and thus emotional states may be induced in the target from a distance.  If this kind of patent for an electromagnetic weapon was public thirty years ago imagine what kind of technology is available today?  Cyclotronic resonance is the ability of very low strength electromagnetic fields to produce significant biological effects by spinning or rotating particles within living cells. One military application described in The Final Report on Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000 (Vol. I, Southwest research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, 1982), is the introduction of a small amount of chemical or biological weapon to enemy soldiers or populations. By using a harmonizing or resonance frequency of a poison existing in minute or undetectable concentrations, lethal effects can be achieved. The US Naval Medical Research Center used the technique of cyclotronic resonance on the lithium ion that occurs naturally in the brain to sedate the brain as if a large dose of lithium had been administered. By resonating naturally occurring chemicals, you amplify their potency, creating the same chemical changes as would have occurred with a massive dose of the chemical. Microwave weapons change the porosity of the blood brain barrier, allowing these lethal substances to go where they normally would be excluded. These experiments are ongoing using the DOJ to fund these programs as “crowd control” to avoid being caught in violations of international treaties against the use of biological and chemical weapons. (Begich pg 134)
The author has interviewed a population of credible witnesses, mostly political activists and whistleblowers, who have been saying for years that they are being targeted with microwave weapons and organized stalking.  Over 200 targeted individuals have been interviewed in person and have been found to be intelligent, educated, sane and sober individuals, who are telling basically the same story without ever having met one another.  The targets are people of all ages and races but most fit a common profile.  The average targeted individual is forty years old, with an IQ of 120, and a history of political activism.  Individual testimonies of targeted individuals have been included in books and films that are free online entitled, Monarch: The New Phoenix Program.  It is important to let the targets speak for themselves in their own words.  The profile of these human experimental subjects is similar to the profile of project MKULTRA human experimental subjects and the political activist targets of Cointelpro.  The targeted individual is a human guinea pig used to perfect nonlethal microwave weapons technology and the science of behavior modification.  By using political activists and people they consider potential enemies the illegal program is turning human liabilities into experimental assets.  The victim’s stories are corroborated by the existence of similar public weapons, stories by investigative journalists, and current military war fighting capabilities.
Prominent investigative journalists have reported that Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has secret electronic warfare capabilities that are a revolutionary breakthrough in military technology that will change the nature of warfare forever.  According to investigative journalists JSOC is running a death squad with a list of names, a hit list.  JSOC has assassinated people on the hit list outside the normal chain of military command, without consultation with Congress, and in violation of US and international law.  This activity is technically a war crime.  Anyone who controls this power without oversight is capable of committing crimes against humanity with impunity.  These investigative reporters may be referring to the same aspect of technological innovation in electronic warfare that is without precedent, the very same technology that is being used against innocent civilians.  Military doctrine papers written by military science experts and persons of interest speak of an RMA, a revolution in military affairs similar to the invention of nuclear weapons.  Theses electromagnetic weapons are an RMA, a military breakthrough that turns the existing balance of world power on its head.  If Nazi Germany had been able to develop nuclear weapons during WWII before the US then they would have been able to dominate the entire world.  According to military science experts the new RMA in electromagnetic weapons confers the same potential capability to make other weapons obsolete and to dominate other nations.
FACT THREE:  A Prior Pattern of Criminal Behavior:
The seeds of this illegal program began with earlier illegal programs and to understand the crisis that confronts us today one must understand what has gone before.  The majority of the victims of nonlethal microwave weapons attacks are political activists and whistleblowers and there is a long history of US government intelligence agencies targeting political activists.  Cointelpro stands for counter intelligence program, run by the FBI as a covert action program against domestic dissidents.  The use of psychological warfare, infiltration of organizations, harassment through the legal system, and the use of violence, including murder, probably began in the 1950’s.  Targets included the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the women’s movement, the environmental movement, and opposition political parties, basically any progressive group in American society.  The most prominent target of Cointelpro in the 1960’s was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who received a blackmail letter from J. Edgar Hoover that detailed evidence of Dr. King’s extramarital affairs and suggested that he should suicide himself to preclude the release of the material to the press.  The theory of counter-insurgency warfare operations says that infiltration and “psychological operations” be used against dissident groups at all times before a mass movement can develop.  These tactics have been adopted by US intelligence agencies against individuals and progressive movements within American society.  The operatives who infiltrate progressive organizations are directed to disrupt meetings, spread rumors, inflame disagreements and set up activists for criminal prosecution.   The tactics used are false news stories, forged documents, anonymous letters and phone calls as well as pressure on landlords and employers so that activists lose their reputation, their relationships, and lose their jobs and homes.  The most common tactic was to make legitimate leaders appear to be government informers.  This tactic, called the snitch jacket, made activists mistrust and turn on each other and destroyed the organization from within.  Congressional investigations of Cointelpro in the 1970’s revealed thousands of crimes but no one went to prison and these counter insurgency operations continue today.  (Environmental activist Judy Barre was critically injured by a bomb planted in her car by the FBI.  She won a judgment for $4 million dollars against the FBI in 2002).  The Cointelpro strategy of a forced suicide is a primary tactic of microwave weapons attacks on activists today and since a forced suicide is plausibly deniable it is the perfect crime.
Project MKULTRA was the mini Manhattan Project to decode the secrets of the human brain to learn how to control it.  MKULTRA is illegal government human experimentation at its worst that sought to perfect the science of behavior modification and is the precursor to the current illegal program.  In 1953 CIA officer Richard Helms chose Dr. Sidney Gottlieb to run the TSS, (Technical Service Staff) the dirty tricks department of the CIA.  Gottlieb used Nazi Paperclip scientists and their state of the art mind control techniques that had been perfected in concentration camps using victims of the Holocaust.  The letters MK in MKULTRA stand for the German words for mind control, or mind kontrol ULTRA.  These scientists were known as programmers, people skilled in the art of breaking down and controlling the human mind using mescaline, electro-shock, sensory deprivation, starvation, rape, torture, trauma, and hypnosis.  The program was brought to the US and copied to help the US destroy the USSR with the help of the Nazi scientists and programmers.  Multiple mind control programs were begun by the Army and the CIA.  Well known American programmers include two of the world’s most powerful psychiatrists, Dr. Ewen Cameron and Dr. Martin T. Orne.  The programming techniques were refined and codified into a standard methodology.  According to MKULTRA methodology severe trauma, such as rape, applied at the age of three will cause the personality to split or dissociate.  The method works best when the trauma is repeated around six years of age.  In the future the subject may be easily hypnotized and used for espionage operations but would only be consciously aware of the sense of lost time.  In Congressional hearings in 1977 former CIA director Admiral Stansfield Turner testified that MKULTRA took place at 80 institutions, including 44 universities, 15 private companies, 12 hospitals and 3 prisons.  It is probable that the current illegal program using nonlethal microwave weapons is equally as ambitious.  The intelligence community edited and suppressed the Congressional reports on MKULTRA and the whole truth never saw the light of day.  What became public was only the tip of the iceberg.  Most of the child victims of MKULTRA still live in the shadows in fear today.  To fully understand the current criminal program and its emphasis on behavior modification it is necessary to understand MKULTRA, the mini Manhattan Project to decode the secrets of the human brain to control it.  It appears that by the early 1960’s the CIA discarded its emphasis on drugs such as LSD in favor of the remote influence of human behavior using electromagnetic means.  Since electromagnetic weapons leave no physical or chemical traces they are plausibly deniable which makes them the perfect weapon.
It is difficult to believe the idea that such ambitious programs could be kept secret from the American people for very long.   However, illegal government programs that routinely used thousands of people were successfully kept secret for decades.  The human radiation experiments began about 1943 injecting sick and injured people in hospitals with deadly amounts of plutonium or irradiating their bodies with harmful or even lethal doses of radiation called Total Body Irradiation or TBI.  The experiments only became public knowledge when the government decided to make them public years later.  The Presidents’ Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments held hearings in March, 1995 and issued a report that functioned as a white wash.  No one was held responsible for acts which the WWII Allies had hung Nazi scientists.  The experimental victims were mostly the powerless in society, orphans, disabled children, the mentally ill, sick people, minorities, poor whites, prisoners, soldiers under military discipline, in short those individuals who could not use the legal system to fight back.  Mary Jean Connell, the only living victim of the human plutonium experiments, when asked how she felt after receiving $100,000 dollars, merely replied “I’m afraid it’s going to happen again, you know”.  According to a GAO report 500,000 people were used in Cold War-era radiation, biological and chemical weapons experiments sponsored by the government.  Not just some, but all the other previous crimes such as Cointelpro and MKULTRA were successfully covered up for decades.  No one was punished for these terrible crimes.  In light of this fact it is dishonest and criminally irresponsible to claim that such crimes cannot be kept secret and equally irresponsible to claim that these current crimes against humanity are not happening without a complete and thorough investigation.  These types of government programs have been happening since WWII and none were stopped before decades had passed.  Nonlethal microwave weapons confer the ability to track and target anyone anywhere with complete plausible deniability.  If these same agencies could continue these types of illegal programs without ever getting caught would they simply have stopped of their own volition, given up this power of their own free will?  If someone had committed murder half a million times before, and now there was a sure fire way they can get away with murder again, would this person stop committing murder of their own free will?  The power to torture and kill anyone with total impunity is an absolute power that tyrants and dictators have always dreamed of.  The failure of multiple Congressional hearings to end these previous illegal programs demands a different strategy, namely a determined special prosecutor, one above reproach without ties to the military or intelligence agencies.
There are a number of persons of interest in evidence, people who should be investigated.  Persons of interest include the man in charge of nonlethal weapons development for the US Army going back decades, Lt. Col. John B. Alexander as well as a man who has advocated using extremely low frequency ELF microwave weapons on civilians in their homes, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.  Alexander was in Army intelligence under former INSCOM director General Albert Stubblebine from 1982-4.  After retiring Alexander joined the government weapons lab, Los Alamos National Laboratories.  Alexander in a Washington Post interview stated support for MKULTRA saying, “there were some abuses that took place,” but, “I would argue we threw the baby out with the bath water.”  Alexander likes the possibility of using electronic means to modify behavior.  “The dilemma of the war on terrorism is that it never ends.”  “Behavior modification could be an alternative,” “Maybe I can fix you, or electronically neuter you, so it’s safe to release you into society, so you won’t come back and kill me,”  “It’s only a matter of time before technology allows that scenario to come true.”  “We’re now getting to where we can do that.”  Besides his stated interest in the use of microwave weapons to neutralize opponents and modify human behavior, Alexander has been instrumental in moving nonlethal microwave weapons from the DOD to the DOJ and placing these weapons in the hands of local law enforcement and others to use against unspecified “domestic enemies involved in domestic disturbances”.
In 1993, the National Institute of Justice (of the DOJ) document “NIJ Initiative on Less-Than-Lethal Weapons” of recommended that state and local police departments in America utilize psychotronic, electromagnetic, and other mind-control weapons against American citizens involved in “domestic disturbances,” an open-ended term that could include family arguments. The report said, “Short-term research will be completed to adopt military technology to use by domestic law enforcement…including laser, microwave, and electromagnetic weapons.” The Washington Post reported, “The Pentagon and the DoJ have agreed to share state-of-the-art military technology with civilian law enforcement agencies, including exotic “nonlethal” weapons.” This new approach to law enforcement was showcased in a three-day secret conference on nonlethal weaponry at the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. The conference head was Col. John B. Alexander, Program Manager for Nonlethal (psychotronic) Defense, Los Alamos National Laboratory. Attending the meeting was Attorney General Janet Reno, military weapons specialists, and representatives from state and local police departments. Subjects included, “radio frequency weapons, high powered microwave technology, acoustic technology, voice synthesis, and application of extreme frequency electromagnetic fields to nonlethal weapons.”  Classified weapons are being passed to domestic law enforcement agencies, as shown by the 1995 ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy) International Technology Symposium, “Counter-Drug Law Enforcement: Applied Technology for Improved Operational Effectiveness,” which outlined the “Transition of advanced military technologies to the civil law enforcement environment.” The narcotics industry may be used to move nonlethal technologies to domestic political tasks.
Another person of interest is Army intelligence officer Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino who wrote the military doctrine paper, “From PSYOP to MINDWAR: The Psychology of Victory”.  Aquino’s thesis stated that enemy populations could be subdued by inflicting a state of psychological terror and feelings of imminent destruction using psychotronic or electromagnetic weapons that influence the central nervous system and the mind.  Capitulation could be induced without firing a shot by extremely low frequency ELF signals to influence and manipulate the thoughts and feelings of the target enemy population and fill them with a sense of terror and impending doom.  Inducing shock and awe without the targets being aware of the source of their emotional turmoil.  Aquino writes, “Psychotronic research is in its infancy, but the US Army already possesses an operational weapons system designed to do what Lt. Col. Alexander would like ESP to do except that this weapons system uses existing communications media.  It seeks to map the minds of neutral and enemy individuals and then change them in accordance with US national interests”.  “It is in their homes and their communities that they are most vulnerable to Mind War.”  “There are some purely natural conditions under which minds may become more or less receptive to ideas, and Mind War should take full advantage of such phenomena as…extremely low frequency ELF waves.” The Mind War paper may represent a scheme for waging perpetual ELF psychological warfare against both enemy and friendly populations.  It is imperative to take their own written claims seriously because if these electromagnetic weapons were turned against friendly populations it would be extremely difficult to detect.  Both Lt. Colonel Aquino and Lt. Colonel Alexander have espoused borderline beliefs like remote viewing and doomsday cults yet in reality neither man is superstitious.  These two men each have over 45 years experience in psychological warfare and counter insurgency warfare operations.  The doomsday cults and remote viewing and other borderline beliefs that both men loudly espouse function as a smokescreen to hide the development and use of nonlethal weapons that attack the human central nervous system.  The smoke screen of satanic cults and psychic supermen they have created serve the same function as the D-Day military intelligence psyop fictional army created around General Patton that confused the German army about the real location of the D-Day invasion.  This operation became known as The Great Deception.  The Big Lie is designed to draw your attention away from nonlethal weapons technologies that exist in the real world and towards the fictional borderline superstitions they claim to believe in so fervently.  They have been in charge of developing the weapons, they have written military doctrine papers about how to use microwave weapons, and helped place them in the hands of state and local law enforcement and others to use against unspecified targets in the community.  Information is highly compartmentalized in Army intelligence and the only persons allowed to hold all the information are the highest placed officers including the current INSCOM leaders General Keith B. Alexander and General David Lacquement.  It is imperative that authorities, using anti-terror legislation, immediately dismiss, detain, and debrief these men to discern if they are a danger to the Republic and involved in using classified weapons technology against civilian targets.
Abuse of Power:  The military intelligence elites are effectively above the law because the National Security Act of 1947 allows them to claim national security exceptions in court and cover up criminal wrong doing, basically saying “trust me or our enemies will learn our state secrets”.  Wearing the uniform does not mean that men stop being human and imperfect.  The power to kill anyone anywhere is an absolute power that corrupts absolutely.  J. Edgar Hoover was the most powerful man in Washington because he had files on Congressmen and Presidents that showed their human weakness and threatened their political careers.  Hoover stayed in office until he died because he wanted to.  This is what we are facing, men too powerful to defy, too powerful to dismiss from the positions of public power they hold.  Are abuses by people in high office above the law, are people in the military and political elites not subject to the same laws as everyone else?  Why is it that the last time anyone said anything bad about an American general it was Benedict Arnold.  The scientific breakthrough in anti-personnel weapons has conferred absolute power on a few, the power of life and death, the power to track, target, and kill anyone anywhere.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the revolution in military affairs represented by electromagnetic weapons has been used against civilians who are powerless against this classified technology.  Information is highly compartmentalized in the intelligence community with only a need to know basis such that men at the NSA and INSCOM working in cubicles next to each other have no idea what the other is working on.  The only people who hold all the separate threads of information are the men who sit at the very top of the pyramid.  The director of the NSA, and the director of Army intelligence, Generals Alexander and Lacquement.  They should be detained and investigated and the elite military intelligence battalions they command (INSCOM) should be subjected to intense scrutiny and outside control.
AIR TIGHT PROOF:  It is impossible to supply airtight proof of these crimes.  Army intelligence is able to hide behind the National Security Act of 1947.  In courts of law judges give them the benefit of the doubt and do not demand to see classified documents and sources.  This allows criminal acts to be covered up for decades.  The historical precedents are instructive.  The Human Radiation Experiments that began in 1943 were exposed in 1995 only when the government allowed them to be made public.  Cointelpro began targeting political activists in the 1950’s and became public in the 1970’s when activists broke into FBI offices and stole documents proving Cointelpro operations.  The documents led to hearings in the 1970’s by Congressmen Pike and Church and later Kennedy.  The only two FBI agents convicted were pardoned by Ford.  There is evidence that Cointelpro type operations continue today.  The only way to secure air tight proof of this secret dirty war on innocent civilians is to steal classified government documents.  The Pentagon Papers detailed years of government lying to the American people about the Vietnam War.  Daniel Ellsberg leaked them to the press in just such a whistleblower scenario.  It is illogical to expect these scenarios to take place.  One might as well demand a spontaneous confession of Jack the Ripper.  Any intrepid whistleblower who helped document death squads would run the risk of being assassinated.  In the past even producing governments documents chronicling illegal programs such as Cointelpro documents or the Pentagon Papers showing government lying has not led to convictions or lasting reforms.  It is important to remember that the nonlethal microwave weapons are proven to exist, a similar pattern of criminal behavior by the same government entities is historical fact, credible victims by the hundreds and perhaps thousands are in evidence who share a common profile with those targeted before.  Persons of interest have developed the weapons, publicly advocated these illegal acts, written about how to use the weapons, helped move the weapons from the DOD to the DOJ and into the hands of local police, and participated in an elaborate cover up similar to smoke screen operations used in the past.  There is also parallel corroboration from investigative journalists that these electronic warfare capabilities exist and are being used in an assassination campaign.  It is time for an independent special prosecutor to investigate these crimes and to detain, debrief, and prosecute the perpetrators.  The author has made a rational and logical case based on facts.  Everything set forth here is part of the historical record and not an appeal to emotion.  We demand Congressional hearings and an independent investigation by a special prosecutor above reproach without ties to the military or intelligence agencies.  Failing decisive action these atrocities will continue.  We advise adoption of the five reforms and nonviolent movement of political reform to ensure these crimes never happen again.
Mass Hysteria; It is inevitable that the targets of these attacks will be referred to as Tin Foil Hat people.  There is a long history of this charge being used to silence victims of human experimentation.  Half a million people were used as Cold War-era NBC weapons experiments.  One example of these experiments was the Human Radiation Experiments.  Mr. Elmer Allen was injected in the left leg with plutonium in 1947 in a San Francisco hospital and the leg amputated.  When he told his family doctor he thought he had been used as a human guinea pig he was written up as a paranoid schizophrenic in his medical records.  These war crimes were covered up from 1943 until 1995 when the government itself decided to make this program public.  No one went to jail and no institution was penalized.  His own family only learned the truth years after his death.
The FBI’s Cointelpro waged a secret counterinsurgency war against political activists.  They sought to covertly ruin the lives of targets on a hit list.  When anti-war activist Abbie Hoffman and other political activists complained about Cointelpro harassment and surveillance they were called paranoid schizophrenics by the press and even family and friends.  Thousands of loyal Americans who were legally advocating for change were ruined by Cointelpro using virtually unlimited funds and unlimited manpower.  The activists were sabotaged in life at every turn and had no chance since no one believed them.  No agent was ever punished and the full truth never emerged.
The CIA’s Project MKULTRA survivors were severely traumatized by unspeakable torture when they were small children in government labs to induce multiple personality disorder.  Today they live in the shadows and do not dare admit to physicians that they are victims of MKULTRA to avoid the stigma of being classified as paranoid schizophrenics in their medical records.  As a result they usually go decades without treatment until they are referred to doctors who are aware of MKULTRA and know how to treat MPD.  The charge of tin foil hat still works to keep them marginalized decades later.  To understand MKULTRA and their ongoing torment please read the book Bluebird by Dr Colin Ross.
The USSR changed tactics when it was no longer possible to assassinate dissidents due to international pressure.  The USSR forced political dissidents into mental hospitals and destroyed their minds with dangerous experimental drugs.  A US Army study written in 1972 entitled, Controlled Offensive Behavior USSR, describes how different techniques were used on Soviet dissidents to, “make them give their will over to some superior outside force”.  The dozens of specialized techniques including microwave weapons were used to mentally break them down in behavior modification experiments, turning them into psychiatric cases.  Many of these techniques in the 174 page study were adopted by the US Army in the current war on terror to slowly break down terror suspects in detention.  The US military uses so called biscuit teams composed of a medical doctor, a psychologist, and an interrogation specialist to individually tailor a program of physical and psychological torture to each terror suspect in order to exploit their cultural and personality weaknesses.  Many different small attacks and stress factors are loaded one on top of the other until the cumulative weight breaks down the ability to resist and turns them into psychiatric cases.  These techniques include sleep deprivation, isolation, noise attacks, sensory deprivation, intense heat and cold, time disorientation techniques, stress positions, drugs, hypnosis, and even smells and various other techniques.  This strategy of applying many small stress factors over a long period of time to break the mind and body of the subject is the same basic strategy used against people targeted with microwave weapons and organized stalking.
The author has interviewed over 200 targets in person.  The average target fits a common profile.  The target is in their 40’s and has an IQ of about 120 with a history of political activism or are whistleblowers, people who have tried to stop criminal activity by powerful government or corporate entities.  They describe similar accounts of microwave weapons attacks and organized stalking.  They live in different parts of the country and have never met yet they are telling the same basic story.  Physical injuries have been documented such as burns and vigilante stalking and systematic harassment of the targets has been repeatedly observed.  History is clear that these types of crimes such as using human guinea pigs and making hit lists of activists have happened before, and were successfully covered up.  It is irresponsible and dishonest to claim that this current war crime is not possible and that this is not happening without a complete and thorough investigation.  The explanation of mass hysteria does not hold up.  If the survivors of the other various historical programs come forward they are still often classified as paranoid schizophrenics.  Considering the fate of all the previous human experimental subjects and political activists it is a statistical certainty that the current victims would be considered crazy since the previous victims of illegal government programs were often systematically accused of the same weakness.  This tactic has been used by the USSR in the past and once again today activists and whistleblowers in Russia are coming forward and testifying that they have been forced into mental institutions by the current regime to stop their legal political activity.  Since the US Army has adopted many of the same techniques that the Communists used in order to break down terror suspects it is conceivable that they have adopted other common tactics as well.  The targeted individuals are mostly middle aged people without a history of mental illness who exhibit no signs of organic illness.  They are sane and sober people with high IQ’s and include entire family groups who all testify to the same type of electronic harassment and organized stalking behaviors.  These types of attacks have been observed and documented.  The architects of MKULTRA behavior modification experiments were the most famous and powerful psychiatrists in the world (Dr’s Ewen Cameron and Martin T.Orne).  The current behavior modification experiments using nonlethal microwave weapons are in all likelihood designed by psychiatrists of equal stature.  These DOD contractors are capable of designing a program that mimics or induces paranoid behavior and easily hides a few thousand targeted individuals within a population of millions of truly mentally ill people.
Organized Stalking:  Nation states routinely target internal enemies and torture them to intimidate others and just as routinely use vigilante violence against their internal enemies.  Today microwave weapons and vigilante gang stalking are used against potential enemies. Chairman Mao used the strategy of setting different groups of people against each other in order to stay in power.  His strategy during the Cultural Revolution was to use vigilante youth gangs known as Red Guards, to attack intellectuals who he felt were a threat to his hold on power.  Professors, writers and intellectuals were beaten and humiliated in public or killed by the vigilante mobs.  In Cuba Fidel Castro used the strategy called a Contra to attack intellectuals and dissidents.  When a writer published something critical of the government the people in the neighborhood are enlisted to surround their house and chant slogans denouncing them.  Within the mob are plain clothes policemen who enter the dissidents’ home, drag them into the street. The writer is beaten and the crowd disperses.  The following day the police return to arrest and imprison the dissident.  Vigilante violence has been used most recently in elections in Kenya and Zimbabwe to terrorize and murder political activists and opponents by the thousands.  These techniques have been further refined by US intelligence agencies.  It was discovered during the Cold War that it was not necessary to murder enemy agents operating in the US.  Paying people to harass the agent could be equally effective.  Operatives bump their car in traffic, brush up against them in public, initiate a verbal confrontation or a physical confrontation, enter their home and steal their personal papers and belongings, blast loud music from next door all night, every night.  These are all normal occurrences of life but if they are engineered to happen 10 times a day, every day, then after two weeks the stress level of the enemy agent is pegged at an artificially high level.  They are sleep deprived and begin to suffer from depression and increased anxiety and their work output drops to near zero until the agent is neutralized in place.  The Milgram Experiment taught the psychiatric community that the majority of human beings will torture and even murder a complete stranger on the orders of an anonymous authority figure.  Psychologists believed that only a sadistic few, one out of a thousand would be prepared to give the maximum lethal voltage.  The percentage of participants who are prepared to inflict fatal voltages remains remarkably constant, between 61% and 66%, regardless of time, location, education, or class.  The idea that most people will kill a complete stranger on orders from an anonymous authority figure is hard to believe but is now an undeniable scientific fact.  Organized stalking is used on targeted individuals in conjunction with electronic harassment.  The experience for the target is like running the gauntlet of a constant stream of verbal and emotional harassment.  The stalking is designed to imitate the bad breaks in normal living in such a way that only the target knows they are being harassed, while not being able to convey to others what is happening to them.  When the victim encounters systematic harassment such as constant cursing and purposeful bumping into and other negative events by strangers more than a dozen times a day and constant vandalism and theft, sleep deprivation and emotional isolation, then their internal stress begins to build.  The symphony of harassment of dozens of daily events pegs the stress level of the target at an artificially high level.  If the target tries to tell friends that total strangers are stalking them everywhere they go, cursing the same litany of abuse, blasting noise at them all night, then friends will regard them as paranoid.  Once the target is driven from their home and isolated from their support systems such as work, friends and family, then the experimentation begins in earnest.  The stress and physical torture is merely a tool.  The real aims of extreme stress and electromagnetic weapons torture applied in a scientific manner is to control and manipulate the behavior and personality of the target.  They have now become the world’s most expensive guinea pigs in behavior modification experiments.  In the process their lives are destroyed and witnesses are too terrorized to risk the same fate of the whistleblower or political activist.  There are 10 points that should be emphasized.  ONE: There is a long history of US government experimentation on citizens.  TWO: The government has made hit lists of activists before.  THREE: Microwave weapons have been used on humans before (as far back as WWII).  FOUR: The Russian microwave weapons program existed for decades.  The USSR in the 1950’s used microwave weapons to attack the US embassy in Moscow.  FIVE: DOD funded scientists, their scientific papers, and hundreds of related patents prove these weapons exist.  SIX: Public microwave weapons such as the active denial system and milliwave radars operate on the same principle as those used to attack activists and whistleblowers.  SEVEN:  Military doctrine papers have been written about how to use microwave and ELF microwave weapons against not just armies but against individuals and civilian populations.  EIGHT:  There are persons of interest in the intelligence agencies including the man in charge of nonlethal weapons development for decades, Lt. Colonel John B. Alexander as well as a man who has advocated using these weapons on civilians in their homes, Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino.  NINE: There is a population of credible witnesses (mostly activists and whistleblowers) who have been saying for years that they are being targeted with these weapons.  TEN: There is a pattern of illegal behavior by some members of the intelligence agencies including death squads aimed at civilians such as the Phoenix Program and Operation Condor.  ELEVEN: Prominent investigative journalists have written about JSOC electronic warfare breakthroughs and secret weapons used for tracking, targeting, and assassination.  They have also written about JSOC death squads operating with a hit list of targets to assassinate. These Facts plus the evidence in the free books and films, entitled Monarch: The New Phoenix Program, make it clear to any reasonable person that these crimes are taking place.  The unprecedented situation demands a nonviolent civil disobedience campaign to surround the perpetrators and isolate them in their bases and starve them out rather than confront the superior weapons capabilities and precipitate a blood bath.  The demands for the five reforms include disarming the electromagnetic weapons, opening secret archives, a truth and reconciliation commission, an international conference to ban all electromagnetic weapons, and finally an international bill of rights that is enforceable.  The Four Goals are designed to protect future generations from the same mistakes by ending the current crimes against humanity through the five reforms, domestic political reform to end the system of legalized bribery and strengthen Democracy, end the arms race through collective security agreements, and launch the New Marshall Plan of scientific and humanitarian initiatives to replace Militarism as a driving economic and political force.  The secret to success in this long struggle is to believe in the basic goodness of people, and cheerfully fight for justice and never give up now matter what happens.
Marshall Gregory Thomas

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