Fort Meade and Fort Belvoir

Fort Belvoir, Fort Meade, INSCOM:  A Blueprint for Containment (3pgs)
The first objective is to communicate to the main perpetrators of crimes against humanity that they are identified, surrounded, and cut off from political support.  The first major step is to isolate the two main players, General Keith B. Alexander (NSA) and General David B. Lacquement (INSCOM), by blockading them in their bases at Fort Belvoir, Fort Meade, National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).  All the base entrances should be blocked by cars and trucks and manmade barricades to stop all entrances and exits by military and intelligence personnel.  Depending on the weather and personal preference people may sit down in front of the entrances as well.  Cutting off all the utilities such as electricity and water should be accomplished as soon as possible to shorten the duration of the confrontation.  The main idea is to deny the site and its personnel to the criminal leaders.  When Alexander and Lacquement attempt to leave the bases they should be detained and if necessary placed in an artificial coma.  Secondary in importance is blockading the other INSCOM military intelligence battalions, assets and locations.  Other targets to surround and cut off include Army Mobility Equipment Command and Offit AFB.  It is important to deactivate and neutralize all WMD and ionospheric radiation instruments (IRI).  The Five Reforms are the basis for ending the EMW war crimes and it is important to communicate to political leaders that people want them enacted quickly and universally, not just in the US.  Whether by emails, phone calls, petitions, or protest marches people should participate in making their voices heard.  The perpetrators will try to ride out the storm of protest, deny everything, make counter charges, and wait until people are tired of fighting or become too frightened to continue.
People who participate in nonviolent civil disobedience around the bases should be in good physical condition and have no minor dependents.  This endeavor is dangerous and there are no guarantees that the perpetrators who have tortured and killed innocent civilians will not attack those who resist.
Question:  Can the strategy of Gandhi defeat the power and methods of Hitler?  If so, how?  Gandhi was only able to defeat the British in India because if they imprisoned and tortured and killed him they would look like villains.  The British were unwilling to cross over the line and appear as a criminal regime.  Answer:  Identify the perpetrators and engage them in nonviolent fashion.  Use a containment strategy versus military confrontation and winning hearts and minds of the populous.  Separate the criminal leadership from the men and women who make up their elite forces by offering their forces immunity and monetary rewards.
Strategy of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience:  Overwhelm, Divide, Spread, Bankrupt, Diversify:
Overwhelm by using different media sources and platforms to out the perpetrators.  Attack computerization by using a keywords (LIST) in emails and phone calls to crash computer monitoring.  (non-terrorist terms).
Divide by playing enlisted men off officers and officers off top military leaders and groups of perpetrators off each other sowing mistrust and offering different terms.  False rumors that some perpetrators have signed a separate peace or have given up.
Spread by applying pressure to one group and allowing favorable terms to another, applying pressure on many different fronts at one time.
Bankrupt by cutting off source of funds both legitimate government wages and illegitimate criminal gains and causing perpetrators to spend funds faster than they collect them using the legal system to tie them up in court.
Diversify by attacking on many different fronts and expanding and increasing the targets of applied pressure.  Attack from more and more platforms.

Goals:  Communicate to the public the nature of EMW crimes against humanity.
Communicate to perpetrators (military and govt) that they are identified and surrounded.
Force political leaders to dismiss, disarm, and detain the perpetrators in the military and government.
Force political leaders to hold public hearings about the EMW crimes against humanity (TRC).
Defuse the potential for armed conflict by offering limited immunity and monetary inducements to members of the military intelligence battalions.
Establish public and private verification that the use of EMW has ended because government pronouncements will remain suspect without multiple sources of verification that the war is over.  The entire perpetrator leadership probably consists of fewer tha a dozen individuals and they should be monitored closely.
Realize the four goals that include domestic political reform, ending the world arms race, and replace it with a new Marshall Plan.
Methods:  Spontaneous mass demonstrations, theatrical protests to publicize and dramatize the conflict, energize and involve the general public at large.  Slow down strikes and work stoppages to paralyze the government and military structures that support criminality.  Blocking maneuvers in front of bases and government buildings, stop basic services to perpetrators, stop the money to illegal programs, tax revolts, temporarily interrupt the federal government, instigate revolt of work force that supports hostile state functions, pressure political leaders to detain perpetrators and vote for the four goals.  Online presence on forums, mass emails, text messages, and phone calls, massage Wikipedia to reflect goals, media blitz using information warfare strategy that can include free use of MONARCH films, books, websites.
Schedule of Action:
Pressure should be applied in an incremental fashion so as not to provoke immediate retaliation by perpetrators armed with superior weapons, including perhaps WMD.  The main tactic is isolation and containment as opposed to direct confrontation.  Attempt to separate the troops from their leadership.  Bribe the perpetrators to cease and dissist hostile military operations.
First Phase:
A:  Offer immunity and rewards ($2 million) to any lower ranking associates of the major perpetrators to detain and disarm the two criminal leaders .
B:  Flood political offices (Congress and President) with demands to take immediate action against perpetrators (dismiss and detain) and hold public hearings in Congress.  Enact the five reforms, the first three reforms immediately.  Hold a series of truth and reconciliation commissions (TRC), publicize the existence of the classified weapons showing the weapons, and classified records and archives relating to the illegal program.  Demonstrate and apply pressure to act quickly.
C:  Disseminate media materials to educate the public and hold demonstrations and spontaneous protests.  Drive with your headlights on.  Wear white to symbolize the resistance.  Use Merry Prankster unconventional symbolic protests to entertain and inform the public.
D:  Offer to enter into negotiations with perpetrators without preconditions.
Second Phase:  (It may be necessary to go immediately to this second phase if the perpetrators initiate attacks against leaders)
A:  Blockade the entrances to the major INSCOM bases (Fort Belvoir, Fort Meade, National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), and National Reconnaissance Office) (NRO)… and deny them utilities to force them to abandon the facilities.  Detain people who leave the base and debrief them.  Arrest the two major perpetrators if they attempt to leave the base.
B:  Apply similar pressure to the other INSCOM elite military intelligence battalions and the other facilities that perpetrators may attempt to use for hostile operations.  Occupy cooperative bases with friendly military forces.
C:  Stop paying INSCOM and suspect military formations and freeze soldiers bank accounts.   Cut off utilities to homes of soldiers under the command of perpetrators.  Offer a reward of $50 million each for detaining the two main perpetrators.
D:  Offer negotiations without preconditions to end the conflict.
Third Phase:  (As time goes on the perpetrators will become weaker and weaker and the emphasis should be on containment.  The third phase should not be used until all other options are exhausted, or if the nation or leadership are under attack)
A:  Military action to be initiated simultaneously in all major locations.
B:  Offer to enter into negotiations without preconditions with the perpetrators.
C:  Initiate military operations to destroy hostile weapons, forces, and leadership.

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