Where to Buy a Copy of the Film, Book, Songs, T-shirt

The books, films, and songs are free online.  So you want a hard copy of MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program.  Buy a DVD of the films (3) at lulu.com, createspace.com, amazon.com, theconnextion.com, ebay, others.  Buy the books (2) at iuniverse.com, amazon.com, lulu.com, ebay.  The songs (12) are on the album VISION KEEPER 12 SONGS at nimbit.com, amazon, itunes, napster, soundclick, zuzula, audiovine, others.   The merchandise is at ebay, cafepress, others.  All money raised will fund a nonprofit that will be used to help the victims and fight for justice and all accounting will be transparent online.  The author will control the nonprofit and take a salary that is the median income of the location of residence.

To find more info on search engines use the author’s name marshall gregory thomas or the title MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program or go to my website posted on nine seperate url’s marshallthomas.org, (net) marshallgregorythomas.com (org) (net) monarchnewphoenix.com (org) monarchphoenixprogram.com (org)   Please follow my posts on twitter.com/marshallgthomas (marsboy683)

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