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Where to Buy a Copy of the Film, Book, Songs, T-shirt

September 29, 2009

The books, films, and songs are free online.  So you want a hard copy of MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program.  Buy a DVD of the films (3) at,,,, ebay, others.  Buy the books (2) at,,, ebay.  The songs (12) are on the album VISION KEEPER 12 SONGS at, amazon, itunes, napster, soundclick, zuzula, audiovine, others.   The merchandise is at ebay, cafepress, others.  All money raised will fund a nonprofit that will be used to help the victims and fight for justice and all accounting will be transparent online.  The author will control the nonprofit and take a salary that is the median income of the location of residence.

To find more info on search engines use the author’s name marshall gregory thomas or the title MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program or go to my website posted on nine seperate url’s, (net) (org) (net) (org) (org)   Please follow my posts on (marsboy683)

Air Tight Proof

September 29, 2009

The persons of interest and the government agencies they represent such as Army intelligence and the NSA are able to hide behind the veil of national security and the legal foundations of the National Security Act of 1947. For the last 50 years when legal challenges to criminal wrong doing have come before the courts the only claim necessary is secrecy on the grounds of national security. The courts have always bowed to their claims of hiding information in the interests of national security, even when the earliest examples of such claims have been proven to be false. In the 1950’s the facts behind the crash of an aircraft were obscured in this way and many decades later it was discovered that there was no national security interest in hiding the facts behind the plane crash other than to cover up criminal negligence and criminal liability by government employees. Federal Judges will in every instance give the government the benefit of the doubt and not demand to see documents and sources. It is in effect and practice a game of “trust me or the nations secrets will leak out and our enemies will learn our secrets”. This game of “trust me” allows innumerable criminal acts to be covered up for decades.
The Human Radiation Experiments that began in 1943 were exposed in government hearings in 1995 only when the government allowed them to be made public. No one went to jail and the institutions involved were allowed to plead innocent without challenge or penalty.
Cointelpro, (counter intelligence program) began illegally targeting political activists in the 1950’s. Cointelpro became public when activists broke into FBI offices and stole confidential documents detailing illegal Cointelpro operations. These stolen documents eventually led to hearings in the 1970’s by Congressmen Pike and Church and later Kennedy. The Congressional reports were edited by the intelligence agencies and the only two FBI agents eventually convicted were pardoned by President Ford. (Steal This Movie)
The only possible way to secure proof of microwave weapons and crimes against humanity in this secret dirty war on innocent civilians is to physically break into an intelligence agency office and steal classified government documents or to have an internal whistleblower steal such classified government documents and leak them to the press.
The Pentagon Papers detailed years of government lying to the American people about the Vietnam War. They were stolen by Daniel Ellsberg and leaked to the press in just such a whistleblower scenario. It is probable that any internal whistleblower who exposed the use of classified anti-personnel weapons to torture and kill civilians would be assassinated. Such an act would be tantamount to suicidal.
To expect that these two scenarios of theft take place is illogical and unreasonable in the extreme. In these circumstances it borders on the ridiculous to demand this kind of proof and one might as well demand that proof in the form of a spontaneous confession by the perpetrators be produced before action is taken. Spontaneous confessions only occur in the fantasy world of TV such as Perry Mason, none of the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are about to do a “Perry Mason” on national television out of the blue. People are convicted of murder every day without the prosecution producing a body. This is a similar circumstance except there is much more proof. The weapons are proven to exist, a pattern of similar criminal behavior in government is historical fact, credible victims by the thousands are in evidence. In addition there are persons of interest named who have publically advocated these illegal acts, developed the weapons, written about how to use the weapons, moved the weapons from the DOD to the DOJ and into the hands of local police, and participated in a cover up operation known as remote viewing. All of these facts are in evidence and in light of the failure of previous hearings it is now the duty of the DOJ to appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate these crimes and to detain, debrief, and charge the perpetrators. Nothing less will do under the circumstances.