Ten Points For War Crimes

The most sophisticated classified anti-personnel weapons possessed by the United States government are being used to target people because they fit a profile.  The basic facts make it obvious to any reasonable person that these allegations of war crimes are true.  It is only necessary to prove that the weapons exist, that they have been used to attack activists before, that the classified weapons have been given to local law enforcement to use against domestic enemies, that hundreds of credible witnesses have come forward, and that these crimes are part of a historical pattern of govt criminal behavior.  FACT ONE: Public microwave weapons exist such as the active denial system (ADS) and milliwave radars that are called nonlethal weapons in order not to provoke a public backlash.  TWO: The Russian microwave weapons program in the 1950’s attacked the US embassy in Moscow and the USSR used microwave weapons to neutralize Russian dissidents.  THREE: The attacks spurred a crash program called Project Pandora to develop microwave weapons for the US.  The DOD funded elite scientists for decades and their scientific papers and related patents prove these weapons exist.  FOUR: Microwave weapons were used on civilians before in WWII, by Japan and by the US against anti-nuclear protestors in England in 1984.  FIVE: The US government has experimented on more than 500,000 citizens in radiation, biological, and chemical weapons experiments since WWWII.  The human radiation experiments and project MKULTRA are just two examples.  SIX: The government has made hit lists of activists before, such as Cointelpro, run by the FBI.  Cointelpro applied the strategy of counterinsurgency warfare against political activists.  SEVEN:  There is a population of credible witnesses (mostly political activists and whistleblowers) who have been saying for years that they are being targeted with these weapons.  These are people in different parts of the country who have never met who are telling the same basic story.  EIGHT:  Military doctrine papers have been written about how to use microwave weapons against not just armies but against individuals and civilian populations.  NINE:  There are persons of interest in the intelligence agencies including the man in charge of nonlethal weapons development for decades, Lt. Colonel John B. Alexander as well as a man who has advocated using these weapons on civilians in their homes, Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino.  TEN: There is a long pattern of illegal behavior by some members of the intelligence agencies including operating death squads against civilians such as the Phoenix Program, human experimentation programs such as Project MKULTRA, and secret dirty wars against political activists such as Cointelpro.  ELEVEN:  These charges have been validated by famous journalists, Sy Hersh, Bob Woodward and Walter Pincus.  Sy Hersh has written that military intelligence is operating a high tech death squad that operated outside of Constitutional oversight and reported directly to Dick Cheney.  Bob Wood has written that the Joint Special Operations Command, JSOC, possesses revolutionary tracking and targeting technology that allows them to follow and kill targets anywhere under any conditions.  Walter Pincus also alluded to this RMA capability in electromagnetic weapons that has changed forever the nature of warfare.  These facts plus the evidence in my books and films make it clear to any reasonable person that these crimes are taking place.  On behalf of the victims I demand an independent public investigation to answer these charges.

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